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Pipe Thread
All Pipe Thread   HY MP - NPTF Rigid Male Pipe HY SP - NPTF Male Swivel HY FF - NPTF Rigid Female HY SP90 - NPTF Male Swivel 90 HY FN - NPSM Female 30 Cone Seat 

JIC Thread
All JIC Thread   HY JIC - Rigid Male HY JIC - Female Straight HY JIC - FJ45T Bent Tube 45 HY JIC - FJ90T Bent Tube 90 HY JIC - FJ90TL Bent Tube 90 Long 

O-Ring Boss
All O-Ring Boss   HY RA - O-Ring Rigid Male HY RC - O-Ring Swivel Male HY RC90 - O-Ring Swivel Male 90 

SAE Thread
All SAE Thread   HY MA - SAE Rigid Male HY FA - SAE Female HY FA45T - SAE Female Bent Tube 45 HY FA90T - SAE Female Bent Tube 90 HY MF - SAE Male Inverted Flare HY MF45T - SAE Inverted Flare Bent Tube 45 HY MF90T - SAE Inverted Flare Bent Tube 90 

O-Ring Face Seal
All O-Ring Face Seal   HY OM - Rigid Male O-Ring Face Seal HY OFT- Female O-Ring Face Seal HY OF45T - Female O-Ring Face Seal Bent Tube 45 HY OF90T - Female O-Ring Face Seal 90 HY OF90TL - Female O-Ring Face Seal 90 Long 

Compression - Tube Type
All Compression - Tube Type   HY MV - Rigid Male Compression w/ Sleeve HY RL - Standpipe Male Tube 

Hose Splicer
All Hose Splicer   HY RM - Hose Splicer Union 

Code 61 Flange
All Code 61 Flange   HY PA - Code 61 Straight Flange HY PA45 - Code 61 Elbow Flange 45 HY PA90 - Code 61 Elbow Flange 90 

DIN Metric
All DIN Metric   HY MZ - Metric DIN 24 Rigid Male HY RU - DIN Female Swivel Ball Nose HY RU45T - DIN Female Swivel Ball Nose 45 HY RU90T - DIN Female Swivel Ball Nose 90 

British Standard
All British Standard   HY BP - BSPP British Parallel Pipe Male HY BPF - BSPP British Swivel Female 60 Cone HY BPF45T - BSPP British Swivel Female 45 HY BPF90T - BSPP British BentTube Swivel Female 90 HY BPF90 - BSPP British Block Swivel Female 90 

All Other   HY KMF - Metric Komatsu Swivel Female HY JPF - Female Swivel J.I.S. HY NV - PTF Tapered Thread for Grease Hose 



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